The role of drill pipe

Drill pipe is a rod connected with a drill bit and used to transmit power in a drilling tool. The usual components of the drill string are: drill bit, drill collar, drill pipe, stabilizer, special joint and kelly. The basic functions of the drill string are: (1) tripping the drill bit; (2) applying weight on bit; (3) transmitting power; (4) transporting drilling fluid; (5) performing special operations: squeeze cement, deal with downhole accidents, etc.
The purpose of the drill pipe The drill pipe is a steel pipe with ribbing at the tail, which is used to connect the surface equipment of the drilling rig and the drilling and grinding equipment or bottom hole device at the bottom of the well. The purpose of the drill pipe is to transport the drilling mud to the drill bit and together with the drill bit raise, lower or rotate the bottom hole device. Drill pipe must be able to withstand enormous internal and external pressure, twisting, bending and vibration. In the process of oil and gas extraction and refining, drill pipe can be used many times.