DP-Master prides itself on after sales support. Being a private company means we can concentrate more on our clients, providing you with the most cost efficient products and excellent standards of service available.

As part of our after sales support DP-Master provides dedicated engineers who are prepared to travel to the customer’s rig site at short notice. Our engineers can provide training to rig crews, inspection companies and repair shops as may be required.

Our connection technology is licensed to reputable service providers in the region our client is based. The licensed repair team is required to meet minimum quality assurance criteria, guaranteeing precision repairs of our products in any geographic location.

DP-Master’s mission is to ensure uninterrupted, smooth operations for our clients. This ensures that we focus on delivering the repair license as quickly and efficiently as possible to the field. Unlike our competitors, DP-Master does not operate a cumbersome royalty charging system, which is time consuming and reduces focus on the objective of customer service.

To stay ahead of our competitors DP-Master is constantly developing technical support services, to ensure we can adequately support our growing customer base around the world.