DP-Master is committed to the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes and to development and training of employees to ensure we deliver the highest quality products on time, competitively and with excellent standards of service.  We will continue to engineer and test new products to ensure we can provide the market with a complete range of first class products capable of being used in the most challenging drilling environments.  Our Technical Support & Services Group will continue to expand the licensee network for repair of our premium connections around the world.  We will strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.


DP-Master’s strategic goals embraced by all employees are focused on the following key areas:

Enhanced Market Share

DP-Master continues to enhance the existing market as well as penetrating new markets through innovative technological products and customer focused operational excellence.

Collaborated Partnership

DP-Master works in close collaboration with drilling contractors and companies to ensure a strong relationship and excellent manufacturing and field support to our clients from any location in the world.

Premium Connection Technology

DP-Master is dedicated to engineer innovative and advanced solutions of cost effective and operational friendliness connections to meet ever challenging drilling environments.

Progressive Enhancement

DP-Master invests in advanced manufacturing systems and human capital to deliver highest product quality using most efficient and advanced processes.