Equipped with the most advanced manufacturing facility in the world covering 460,000 square meter, DP Master is unrivalled for producing the finest drill pipe products.

Quality and reliability are paramount in DP-Master's products. That is why we are the only plant in China that has the most advanced tube inspection system onsite- TRUSCOPE. The Truscope tube body inspection system uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology to inspect tubes over the entire length for transverse, longitudinal and oblique defects. It also measures the wall thickness to ensure the tube meets the required minimal wall thickness. This ensures the customer receives the finished product free of defects or low wall thickness. The Tuboscope coating plant is onsite, located just 1km from the welding lines and is capable of coating the full TK34 Internal Coating range and with a capacity of 12,000 joints per month. Our modern factory facility, state-of-the-art equipment and strategic partnership with Tuboscope gives us a completely integrated solution enabling the finished product to be delivered faster than our competitors to any location in the world.

To guarantee the high level of quality, we have built 130,000 square meter of unsurpassed modern factory buildings that house the following equipment:

✔ Pipe upsetting lines;

✔ Continuous drill pipe tool, joint heat

     treatment line;

✔ Continuous Tube Heat Treatment Furnace;

✔ TRUSCOPE Inspection Line;

✔ Straightening Machines;

✔ Friction welding machines;

✔ Several hard banding welding units;

✔ Two fully automated make & break


✔ Number of MPI & UT inspection


✔ Cold rolling equipment;

✔ Drill Collar production lines;

✔ HWDP Production lines;


DP-Master’s processes are designed to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing and product quality. All Tool Joint raw material from the supplier and Green Tubes from TPCO (Tianjin Pipe Corporation Limited), are inspected and accepted according to the applicable receiving control specification. Every stage of the production processes is in strict accordance with our standard operating procedures and our strict internal audit program ensures compliance with all the relevant procedures and standards.