The purchase of drill pipe is a technical task, and it is not to be sloppy. Recommended strategies

Drilling rig is a common mechanical tool, and it is also a powerful teenager in geological exploration work. But the drilling rig can be so appreciated by people, and its various accessories are also indispensable and indispensable. Therefore, in order for the geological exploration work to be carried out normally, smoothly and efficiently, users who often use drilling rigs should also learn more about drill pipe accessories.
As we all know, among drilling rig accessories, the role of drill pipe is particularly important. Therefore, the purchase of drill pipe for drilling rig needs to be serious and cautious. The following is the complete strategy of drill pipe purchase shared by Ningbo Zhedong Geological Equipment:
1. Buy what you need. The drill pipe is used to match the drilling rig. Therefore, first of all, you must find out what type and specification of drill pipe your drilling rig needs to be matched with, and then you must find out the environment and geology in which you will be constructing, so as to determine the short drill you need to purchase. Rod, or long drill rod, tooth wedge type, half tooth wedge type and friction type drill rod, or friction type or fixed drill rod, etc. Ningbo Zhedong Geological Equipment warmly reminds everyone that it is best to match at least 2 sets of drill pipes to prepare for the needs of various situations.
2. Learn to see the essence from the appearance. As the saying goes, the layman watches the fun, and the layman watches the doorway. The selection of drill pipes should be based on the doorway, and the magnifying glass should start from the details to see the problem. Drill pipe is an important tool for geological exploration site construction. Ningbo Zhedong Geological Equipment will teach you the basic way of purchasing drill pipe: the appearance of the drill pipe is not necessarily good, but the appearance of the drill pipe is not good. As for the appearance of the drill pipe, you can easily check it at the procurement site, such as whether there is rust on the surface of the drill pipe, whether there are pits, whether there is a steel mark pattern, etc., if the surface of the drill pipe is not smooth enough and the quality of the coating is not good, the drill pipe The quality and performance can be guaranteed, and there will be many hidden dangers in the later use. In this case, the drill pipe is not recommended for everyone to buy.
3. Learn from the manufacturer about the raw material and processing technology of the drill pipe. At present, the best material for the drill pipe body is the special alloy steel pipe for geology, and the processing technology is friction welding. Ningbo Zhedong Geological Equipment has a comparative advantage in this regard. The geological drill pipe we produce, the drill pipe body is made of high-quality geological special seamless alloy steel pipe, and the drill pipe joint is made of high-quality alloy structural steel, and is vacuum-conditioned. Treatment, greatly improves the fatigue strength and shear strength. In terms of technology, the advanced friction welding process is used for production and processing, which makes the drill pipe have the characteristics of high bending strength and firm welding. In addition, our production equipment completely adopts advanced numerical control processing equipment, which has the characteristics of stable production efficiency and quality. It can ensure the straightness requirements when drilling deep holes, and promote the product to have high fatigue resistance and long service life.