Drill pipe joint classification

The drill pipe joint is an integral part of the drill pipe, which is divided into a male joint and a female joint, and is connected to both ends of the drill pipe body. In order to enhance the connection strength of the joint, it is necessary to increase the wall thickness of the pipe body at the joint part. According to the thickening method, it can be divided into three forms: internal thickening, external thickening, and internal and external thickening. There are threads (coarse buckles) on the joints, which are used to connect each single drill pipe. The drill pipe joint thread is a tapered pipe thread with a sealing shoulder. The shoulder surface is tightened for sealing, and the thread is only for connection. The thickening method is different, and the screw type of the corresponding joint is also different.
There are four types of threaded drill pipe joints: inner flat (IF), through-hole (FH), regular (REG); digital (NC).
Buckle connection condition
The snap connection must meet three conditions:
①Equal size;
②The thread type is the same;
③ Match the male and female buckles.