DP-Master has a comprehensive understanding of the drilling business.  We recognize that our clients must minimize operational risk whilst delivering safe and reliable well construction to their end users within budget.  

The operating environments in which our products are used, the additional stresses they are subjected to demand products of the highest quality, robustness and serviceability.  DP-Master superior products are rugged, operational-friendly and less susceptible to damage during stabbing and make up.  Our double shoulder high torque connections are uncomplicated, using API thread form and taper thereby ensuring connection repair is straightforward with minimum loss of tool joint length.  As a result DP-Master products have a lower cost over their lifecycle making our drill strings the first choice for many end users.


Specially engineered using proprietary steel chemistries and state of the art quench & temper process to meet the stringent requirements of IRP 1.8 specification for critical sour drilling


DP-Master offers pup joints and rotary subs to compliment the drill string. A complete range of drilling subs, floor subs and pump-in subs are manufactured in accordance with industry standard or clie


DP-Master manufactures the complete range of API drill pipe products from 2 3/8” OD to 6 5/8” OD in Range 2 and Range 3 sizes up to 48 feet in length.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

DP-Master manufactures heavy weight drill pipe from 2 7/8” OD to 6 5/8” OD in Range 2 and Range 3 lengths. HWDP can be supplied either in Conventional Friction Welded or Integral design in accordance


DP-Master has engineered, tested and acquired industry approval for two types of double-shouldered connection.


The MT Master Torque connection was designed as a high performance rotary shouldered connection for use in very severe drilling operations.