Being a world leader in drill pipe manufacturing DP-Master is proud to have achieved many industry accreditations that further ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality and most reliable products.

The Company has obtained from Fearnley Procter Group NS-1 Level 4 and Level 5 Facility Approval, and NS-1 Level 3 Design Approval for the DPM DS-55 & MT-39 connections. The later certification includes design and performance review as well as compatibility with DSTJ 5 1/2 FH connection.

DP-Master is also certified by the American Petroleum Institute with: API Spec 5DP、API Spec 7-1

We have also achieved the most rigorous international quality certification against: ISO 14001、ISO 18001

DP-Master is authorized to apply the following Tool Joint Hard Banding products: ARNCO 100XT, 150XT, 300XT, 350XT、Tuboscope TCS8000, TCSTi、
Duraband NC、Tuffband NC、Castolin OTW 12、Castolin OTW 13