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To buy active drill pipe these tricks you must know!

To buy active drill pipe these tricks you must know!

2018/03/27 15:30
The drill pipe is the basic part of the drill string. Its main role is to transfer torque and transport drilling fluids, and the borehole is continuously deepened by the gradual lengthening of the drill pipe.
The drill pipe's buying skill is actually very simple. As the saying goes, hitting a snake is seven inches. Although the proverb is used here is not proper, but the key to solving the problem is particularly reasonable. The key issue of drill pipe purchase can be started from the reasons for the failure of the drill pipe fracture, and then master how to distinguish the drill pipe from good or bad when purchasing.
1. Regarding the common causes of drill pipe breakage, Ningbo Zhedong geological equipment drilling tool brand professionals summarized the following points for everyone: 1. Drill pipe use time is too long, surface damage is more, approach or exceed fatigue life. Ningbo Eastern Zhejiang geological equipment Tips to avoid the use of scars of the drill rod, the loss of new drill pipe should be replaced. 2, drill rod body material, thickness does not meet the technical requirements, we must choose the best choice of brand drill pipe, quality is more secure. 3. When drilling a hole or hitting a guide hole over a long distance, the drill bit suddenly hits a hard object and generates a strong impact force, causing a sudden increase in torque, causing the drill pipe to break or break. Ningbo Eastern Zhejiang Geological Equipment Tips Operators should reasonably control the rotation speed and propulsion force when operating the drilling rig to avoid such occurrences, drilling, pressurizing, and forward rotation at the appropriate rotation speed. 4. The radius of curvature of the construction hole exceeds the minimum curvature radius of the drill pipe. The minimum radius of curvature of the construction hole needs to be controlled.
5, the daily preservation, placement and maintenance of the drill pipe is not proper, causing the drill pipe to rust, be corroded or deformed and bent, which is also an important reason for the damaged drill pipe performance and easy to fail. 6. The rig's torque is greater than the drill rod's inclination. Therefore, we must configure the drill rig with the right drill pipe. 7, on the hole position. Do not form a drill pipe, but be careful not to "don't" drill pipe. 8, put drilling. Under the action of the drill pipe and the drill's gravity, to overcome the friction of the hole wall and the buoyancy of the mud, the process of extending the drill pipe is called drilling. The correct order of drilling is: the outer rod is lowered into place, and the adjacent inner rod only starts to protrude from the outer rod, and is completed one by one from the outside to the inside.
Second, after understanding the causes of failure and fracture of the drill pipe, precautions should be taken in advance. In addition to its own operation and routine maintenance, it is also necessary to purchase a drill pipe with reliable quality.
Generally, a good drill pipe is not easy to bend or break, mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, shear strength, bending strength are high, joints are more wear-resistant, welding is firm, and it can ensure the straightness requirements for deep hole drilling. Has a long service life. Drill pipe to achieve these requirements, not only need good raw materials, but also need exquisite workmanship.