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Now in the next few years, our drill pipe industry will face a big increase in product quality.

Now in the next few years, our drill pipe industry will face a big increase in product quality.

2018/03/27 15:29
In recent years, under the support of some of China's optimization policies and the development of China’s mining industry, China’s drill pipe market has continued to recover, and the investment environment in the drill pipe industry has continuously improved significantly. Many foreign capitals continue to enter the field of drill pipe in China. Under the investment of various parties at home and abroad and in various fields, drill pipe investment in China has become a very mainstream form, with the continuous development of China’s mines and production drill pipe. Under perfect conditions, some drill pipes are popular, for example, twist drill pipes, spiral drill pipes and other products have been well developed. In the near future, China's drill pipe industry will have a space for rapid development.
Multi-agent refers to the current state-owned enterprises, social, private, Hong Kong and Taiwan, overseas companies and other companies involved in the investment in the drill pipe industry. For financing channels, it also includes various forms such as corporate investment, advertising investment, copyright presales, financial loans, venture capital, government funding, individual investment, drilling fund funding, and other forms of indirect sponsorship. The source of drill pipe funds is richer and more abundant. In this favorable situation, we have created a good development space for the development of our drill pipe industry. Our drill pipe manufacturers will also pay close attention to the current situation and increase efforts to produce products that meet the current situation. In addition, after the successful docking of the stock market with the drill pipe companies will greatly increase the competitiveness of Chinese drill pipe companies. In the long-term, the issue of funding in the field of drilling rods in China can be fundamentally changed, providing more sources of funding for our drill pipe industry and creating a larger platform.